Shower Devo

Below is the beautiful devotional that Karla, a family friend, shared at the Bridal Shower on July 12th. It was too wonderful not to share:

Butterflies – fluttery, transformation

Gears – intellect, strength, motion

Lace – feminine, delicate/fragile, layered

Keys – ability to open things (mouths, hearts, minds)

Clock – patience, consistent/steady

I have known Greta for many years – not as long as some of you but longer than others.  I look at this woman before us and I think how we have seen you grown and watched your wings unfold.

-These words are not only some of the things Greta likes, they also describe her.  She has transformed from a cocoon of childhood into this beautiful, feminine, delicate and layered woman.  She is strong and forward moving like 2 or more gears that together make things happen.  She has the intelligence I think of when I think of the inventor of gears.  Greta is patient and constant like the continual tick of a clock, fluttery as she enters a room and you notice her joy.  She is consistent and steady – knowing what she has wanted and staying focused on that – seemingly with little effort at times.  Greta has the ability to speak truthfully/honestly without offending.  She said to me once in a conversation where she was simply a pair of listening ears – She said “Well that isn’t fair”.  She was right and gave me cause for reflection.  She is capable of using her words like keys to penetrate hearts and minds.  It has been a pleasure and a blessing to know you Greta.  And here we are on the heels of your graduation from college – celebrating, rejoicing and praying with you as you enter your next journey.  Marriage…….

You have been with Erty since the first years of high school – nurturing that relationship as a girl (a mature girl as we all know you have always beenJ.  In just a few weeks your life changes again – ….. Another gear will join yours and new ideas and places will be explored.  As you ready for this adventure I want to share some thoughts about what God says early on in His Word to us.

In the first book of the Bible in the second chapter – Early – God found it important to give this instruction.  I know this verse is used at most weddings – I don’t know if we are going to hear it at yours in a few weeks but I really started to look at it and ponder some things God might be saying to us.

Genesis 2:24   Therefore a man shall leave his mother and father and shall cleave to his wife.  They shall become one.

Cleave means to adhere closely – cling – stick to like glue – to remain faithful- resist separation.

Interestingly it can also mean to cut or sever quickly.

When we get married we ought to leave our families care and authority and come to be in unison with our spouse.  It means to resist seeking others before God or before seeking our spouse.  It means staying close to and seeking God’s face and your husbands’ heart.  First we seek God, then our spouse.  God – Spouse – you – Three in one.  Similarly the Trinity; Father – Son – Holy Spirit.  Marriage is meant to be a trinity.  Father – Erty – Greta = One and the 2 shall become one.  Becoming one can only happen the way God intended it to happen by invitation.  Marriage invites God’s blessing  – His presence into your lives as husband and wife.  Do this daily – invite him daily.  Seems like you shouldn’t have to but believe me – believe many of us in this room – sometimes that invitation happens many times a day.  Sometimes on our knees, sometimes in tears, fears, worry, anger, hurt and any number of other times.  By inviting God you will be able to cleave “Cut off” the hands of Satin and things of this world that want to claim you and claim your marriage.  Cleave “Cling to” your mate.  Stick to and remain faithful to God and His Word.  God wants to be part of your “One” and without Him you will only be a 2 – keep God in your life Greta and you won’t be able to help but keep Him in your marriage.  God’s best for you is available; it’s there for the taking and the invitation.

It’s there for the cleaving

Hold His promises close with trust and faith –

Share in His light and there is no doubt in my mind that those around you will see you and Erty as a Trinity of One