The Ring

As per usual, I’ve had to get used to everyone grabbing my hand and examining “the rock” on my finger. Well, to me the best part of the ring is not the carat, cut, color, or clarity – it’s the story and I thought I’d share that story with you. greta+erty12 I’ll admit. I was shocked when Erty pulled out this gorgeous ring. And once my brain had processed that I was now engaged, I looked down at my hand – as it was held by someone else for examination –  I thought to myself that he must have known that I’d be happy with a string around my finger if it meant I got to be with him. But, I scolded myself and told myself to be grateful because, truth be told, it was gorgeous! Then Julie, Erty’s mother, pulled me from the crowd and told me the story of the ring. Story time   As Julie recalled:

“Erty’s grandfather, Clark Seidel, gave the ring to his bride-to-be, Marjorie Olson, in the summer of 1956. Clark and Marjorie were married on August 31, 1956, and Marjorie passed away exactly 50 years later, on August 31, 2006. Clark later gave the ring to Erty’s mom, Julie, to hold for Erty, for him to use, if he wanted, when he became engaged. Clark’s mother, Edith Seidel, had sent Clark the ring to give to Marjorie after Clark had called Edith in July of 1956 to tell her he had proposed to Marjorie. Edith asked if Clark had given Marjorie an engagement ring and when he said “no” she offered to send a ring that had belonged to her husband Newton Seidel’s mother, Carrie B. Gault Seidel. Clark’s recollection is that Edie told him that Carrie’s husband, Frank Seidel, had given it to Carrie when they were engaged. According to the U.S. Census of 1900, Carrie and Frank were married in 1892, and they made their home in Elgin, Illinois, where Frank was an agent for the St. Louis Brewing Company.”

All that family connection is just…. wonderfully mind boggling – I am the third woman to wear this ring – I am so incredibly blessed. (Plus with my love of Steampunk and the Victorian Era, it’s just awesome!) Every time I see it – every time I look the ring – every time I can feel it on my finger, I can’t help but be (almost) overcome by love and affection. For history, for family, for him. I am very proud to wear this ring. I am very blessed. Flower Ring With Love, The Bride